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  Stress, frustration, fear, & anxiety.

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  You are a slave to money instead of money working for you.

2% of the population avoids failure, therefore they don’t take a risk to get more out of life, not living the life they where meant to have.

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“Action is where you get the results that you want. It's where change begins.”

Dr. April Brown

The Capacity Coach

Results from Destiny Global

We went from desperate & reactive, distanced from our kids, to a united family & paying off $2MM in debt.

Dustin & Charity Jones


I was over $85,000 in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. This training made me start my own company that now makes double-digit millions of dollars.

Stuart Lynn 


My closing ratios doubled. In the next 15 months, my husband and I paid off $47,000 of debt &  the number of hours I worked each month dropped to four hours.

Judith Lowry


Your Income Follows Personal Growth.

  Become a magnetic, influential and powerful leader in your business, community, and family.

  Implement immediately & get transformative results.

  Advance your money management skills and build a family legacy. 

Join an experience that accelerates your results. You'll be a brand new individual, equipped with the information to transform your life and the lives of the people around you.

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