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Diane McCracken.

I spent way too many decades of my life stuck! Working harder, becoming more frustrated! 10’s of thousands of dollars spent on attempting to improve myself, reading books, audio programs, video programs, attending seminars, webinars, hiring people to help me, the more I learned, the harder I worked, the more stuck I became! The more money I made, the more my debt grew! Buried alive in depression, debt, defeat! 

Stress in the home was intense, and my children were affected! It was not fair for our children to be exposed to the stress in our home because we did not know how to manage life, and I did not want them thinking the stressed home they lived in was the best they could have, because it was not. In 2010, I met with my husband and children to talk about separating… I can still see the tears in my children’s eyes. Thank YHVH, He helped us and still does!  

In 2011, a friend gifted me her spot for 6-months of weekly one-on-one business coaching with an amazing coach that only worked with small business’s with 50-million or more in revenue. My Coach gifted me with a 6-month scholarship coaching class to become a certified coach.

Kisses from heaven!

In 2011, I was invited to a First Steps to Success Business event. My friends told me it helped them in business, I was desperate for help, we were drowning in over a ½ million of debt, and found a way for me to go. I decided at this business event, I would invest everything into the entire Business Library, and 5 years of attending every Destiny Global Event and training, including First Steps to Success, Creating a Dynasty, and many more courses to help me undue the skills I mastered that prevented me from success, and master skills that would help me in business, people and money. 

We were at an event where Dani had children and parents on the stage, the children shared what they learned from the adult business events, and I elbowed my husband and said, “We do not know how to teach this to our children, they deserve to learn it for themselves, we will bring them to the next First Steps to Success Business event!”  

Into the 12th year, our family has grown strong together and even expanded! We work hard and are learning to play as hard! As we work!

You are invited to classes that use the best of Dani Johnson Legacy…

 What you LACK in SKILL you make up with TIME & MONEY!!!

Yikes!  I was working 7am to 11pm OFTEN! 

Learn more about people than my product or service.


The marketplace pays for value, and I am in control of my value.

YIKES! I perfected BLAME!

98% of the population shrink their dreams to fit their income.


2% find ways to increase their income to make dreams happen.


3 years started accountability DJU (Dani Johnson University) Helped people get what they wanted using Dani Johnson materials.

5 years my husband became 100% debt free, paying off $630,000 in debt Feb 2016

7 years we began to invest, and became landlords September 2018

8 years we purchased a ranch May 2019

10 years coach training refresh with Destiny Global

11 years we have an income producing ranch February 2022 

You may be frustrated and hard working too, or perhaps you gave up, and stopped working, and stopped having hope! I get it, maybe not exactly how you feel, but I do remember the pain and anguish of knowing there is something better, seeing it, feeling it, but thinking it is out of reach!

Death of dreams, depression sets in, and doubt moves in, defeat echoes how it is impossible to get out of the mess! LIES, LIES, LIES! 

Did I believe there was a way out of the swamp? NO!!!!!!!

Today I LIVE BY DESIGN… and so will you! Start DREAMING AGAIN!

Diane McCracken is a consultant with Destiny Global. Destiny Global is a personal development training organization founded on 30 years of teachings that have taught hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take control of their money, grow their income and heal their relationships. 

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