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“Look for the GOODNESS that is all around you, and you will find it!”

Diane L. McCracken

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DJU Legacy Executive Master Class

Learn the simplest way to raise your value in the market place, increase your income and secure your financial future.

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Executive Master Class

Gain deeper insights on how to scale your value in the marketplace.

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Discover the key communication technique that leads to unusual success.

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Results from Destiny Global

We went from desperate & reactive, distanced from our kids, to a united family & paying off $2MM in debt.

Dustin & Charity Jones


I was over $85,000 in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. This training made me start my own company that now makes double-digit millions of dollars.

Stuart Lynn 


My closing ratios doubled. In the next 15 months, my husband and I paid off $47,000 of debt &  the number of hours I worked each month dropped to four hours.

Judith Lowry


This #1 Thing That Stops You 

A word from Dani Johnson.

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“Your income follows your personal development.”

Ken Brown

CEO of Destiny Global

More Freedom.

Your circumstances do not have to define your success or keep you stuck. Get trained by our team and you'll get everything you need to be unusually successful without sacrificing what matters most. You’ll receive step-by-step strategies to earn more, keep more so you can do more.

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Play to Win! Born to Win! Change in an

I Believe You Deserve Everything You Need To Completely Transform Your Life.
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Simply The Best Around

I had an overdraft debt of $60K & built up a desire to do more. After utilizing these teachings I've payed off all my debt & my business has grown massively.

Andris Lanka 


It’s easy to get worn down and beat up by life. But what if you COULD start fresh. What if you could heal from your past, and have everything you want out of your future?

Elena Holden


I have a very clear vision for my future and the future generations to come. I am no longer depressed. I have hope.

Sharonna Nuest


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Success Quote

“Weeds choke and prevent growth! What weeds are choking the life out of you?”

Diane L. McCracken

Your Executive Consultant

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